Events for February and March

Every year I facilitate workshops on Career Planning and Managing Workforce.

These workshops are specifically designed for women in business. 

The Career Planning workshop is for women who want to accelerate, enhance or change their career.  The Managing Workforce workshop is for women in leadership.

The workshops are held at my conference Venue in Eumundi at least 4 times a year.

If you are interested, you can book on the relevant workshop links below, or if you would like more information about the workshops, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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Achieving your career goals and the advancement you desire, requires planning and strategy. This is regardless of what industry you and are in and it is particularly important in the constantly changing working environment.

What Does the Workshop Cover?
You will complete your own unique career map, which will help guide you to actualise your career opportunities.

  1. This will include important issues you need to consider when designing your map.
    • Future of work trends and how to capitalise on them.
    • Identifying transferable skills.
    • Managing in an insecure environment.
  2. Identifying where you are now and where you want to be. This will include a review of
    • Your work history including decisions trees
    • Aspirations and values.
    • Confidence review.
    • Leadership of the future.
  3. What actions you have to take to implement your careers map.
    • Influencing strategies including developing your own sociogram
    • Specific actions required
    • Your specific keys to success.

The session will include keys to success, who can help and what do you need to learn.


There is a lot of discussion about what the future of work. There are so many opinions and statistics it is hard to know what to do or what to believe.

I have been working and studying in this field for over five years and I believe being overly optimistic or pessimistic is not useful. It is however about being very practical. Employee skills are changing rapidly, and organisations have be proactive to maximise the opportunities and minimise the risks to the organisation and their employees.

This workshop is going to:

  • Give an overview of the current workforce trends and the impact on the work environment. The good the bad and the ugly.
  • Assist participants understand what other organisations have done and are doing to prepare their workforce and why it is important.
    • This will include responsibility mapping.
  • Discuss how their organisation can use this knowledge to help develop their own workforce strategies.


To book for a workshop or find out more information, click on the workshop and date that interests you.

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Vicki Lewis
Culture Transformation Program Manager at CUA – Credit Union Australia Limited

I recently had the opportunity to attend a career planning workshop led by Jenny and hosted at her impeccable conference venue at Eumundi. The session was thought provoking and really assisted me to understand my transferable skills, values alignment and steps to create opportunities. It was really worthwhile and I highly recommend this if you are questioning your purpose or considering future opportunities. The conference venue is simply spectacular, so serene, peaceful and beautifully appointed. Everything you need is thought of and it is an incredible space to think and work.

Jo Maddock 
General Manager Leadership, Engagement & Talent, Allianz-Assist Partners

WOW, WOW and WOW – I have had the pleasure of knowing Jenny for a couple of years now and participated in one of her career workshops designed specifically for women. Jenny is an inspiration – a passionate thought leader who stimulated thinking through careful questioning, and most of all supportive in every way possible. Jenny looks at situations in a pragmatic and respectful way and pushes the boundaries in order to inspire action.

Amy Clarke 
Marketing consultant

I attended Jenny’s Career Planning workshop in 2018. I came away feeling much clearer about what I really wanted to do. She is a skilled and engaging presenter and her tips left me feeling empowered and confident that I could take the next step.

The venue, tucked away in the hills of Eumundi couldn’t be better. The peaceful, natural environment is the perfect space to step away from your busy work life and make space to plan with a clear head.

Heidi Caruso 
Energy Queensland, HR Business Partner – Substations & Distribution Leadership Team

Quite often I do not take the time out for myself. I did not have a clear reason for attending other than I knew I needed to find some clarity for my next step. Jenny’s Career Planning workshop located in a tranquil rainforest setting with a small working group enabled me to reconnect with where I wanted to go with my career. It gave the space and time to think out in a structured way to evaluate my core values, what is important in my career and what planning tools and knowledge I can use for the future changes of work. I left feeling empowered to explore some newly identified areas and a reference guide to look back on when required when considering my next developmental stage or next logical step. The small varied group allowed me to hear other people’s experience and express my own in a safe environment. I would recommend this to anyone who is considering their next step in their career or business

Robyn Beeston 
Artist, writer and Instructional Designer

One day Jenny asked me two questions. They were simple smart questions and I should have been able to answer them, but struggled. As a result of my response to the questions Jenny has supported me on my quest for answers and validated my skills and values. Her workshops are insightful as those two questions which pushed me towards more. I have no hesitation in recommending Jenny to anyone who wants more from their career and Jenny’s career planning workshops are ideal for clarity and defining your own WHY.

Samantha Campbell 
Talent Acquisition Manager CUA

A couple of weeks ago I was given the opportunity to attend a workshop around career planning which was led by Jenny. A small intermit group attended the day based at Jenny’s conference venue at Eumundi. Not only is the conference venue spectacular and very peaceful it is the perfect setting to focus on you for a day. The session allowed me to reflect on my career and understand my transferable skills and what might be my next step to grow and develop.

Jenny has the ability to understand the group dynamics, has flexibility in her delivery and a has a true connection with people. If you want to accelerate you career, or simply want to look at it with a different lens I would highly recommend Jenny.

Moira Zeilinga 
Director Clear Idea

I was fortunate to attend Jenny’s Career Planning Workshop in February 2019. At the time I was ready to embark on a new journey of starting my own Business Management Consultancy Firm – Clear Idea. Attending this workshop helped me to confirm what I want to achieve in my future and identify the new skills that I will need to learn to achieve success in my new venture.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone considering a career change or planning for their next role within their existing organisation. Jenny is an inspiring executive coach and business leader and the venue for this workshop is amazing.

Gaylene Fraser
Program Manager – Network Operations, Energy Qld

So often as a leader you are encouraged to Stop, Reflect, Refocus, Proceed. Yet as women, we often do not take the time.

Jenny’s Career Planning workshop provided the ideal opportunity to undertake an intensive, guided workshop that somehow reached everyone who attended. I was amazed at how much we accomplished in a single day. The tools learned were both practical, and practice-able, and aimed at creating a buildable platform for real future success.

Was it the tranquil surrounds, the challenges and insights Jenny provided, or the amazing ladies who attended and shared their experiences? Perhaps it was all of the above, but I left feeling more confident in my competence and positively charged.