Jenny is considered a thought leader in the future of work. Jenny has in depth knowledge on the subject and has attended MIT and Kellogg’s university in America on various aspects on the Future of Work.

Sangita De, Ph.D

‘The Paradox of HiTouch-HiTech’ a provocative and stimulating Guest Lecture from Jenny Brice this afternoon , that got the students thinking about some critical issues before we press the reset button, the back to business may not be business as usual and what are its implications for the future business leaders and the future of work. Master of Business students hashtag #griffithuniversity in the Future of Work course that I am teaching were benefited by this valuable discussion from Jenny. Our sincere gratitude to Jenny Brice
for sharing her insights and expertise with us.

Hugh Mackay
Social Researcher

Jenny Brice is emerging as one of our most thoughtful and articulate advocates for a more realistic approach to the future of work.


Julie Graham
Tandem Partners

“Jenny – thank you so very much for facilitating such an informative, thought provoking session on The Future of Work which was right on target and very topical for the team at Tandem Partners.To get people thinking about the future and how that might impact on us all was definitely worthwhile.

The day was absolutely ‘7 star’ – running the session on your beautiful property (a short drive from Noosa) with state of the art conference facilities, accompanied by the wonderful catering and of course having the company of Bacci, your beautiful dog, was hands down better than any hotel conference room.


Tracey Lake
Chief People Officer at CUA

Thanks to Jenny Brice for stretching our thinking on the possibilities for the future of work and the importance of developing an integrated People & Strategic Workforce Plan to manage the opportunities ahead. Was terrific having our senior leaders sharing their insights and capabilities with us to ensure an integrated business view of the challenges and possibilities for CUA. A great start to our planning and approach and a nice way to ‘step out of our bubble’, consider the unconscious biases in algorithms just to name a few of the light bulb ? moments today.



Jenny has presented at many conference during her career. More recently Jenny presented at the Women in IT conference in Brisbane and the Skillsoft Learning and Development Network.

Dr Anita Hamilton
University of the Sunshine Coast

I had the pleasure of hearing Jenny present at the The 4th Women in ICT Leadership Summit in Brisbane, in November 2016. Jenny combined her experience, new research, and reflection to build a presentation that was genuine and insightful. I am now looking for ways to engage Jenny to work with my colleagues so that they too can benefit from her authentic approach.

Gareth Smith 
Skillsoft, Regional Account Executive (Past)

The simple fact of the matter is that people listen when Jenny speaks. Jenny has an amazing ability to rise above the noise and to engage you in thought provoking conversation. Her intelligence enables her to be a thought leader
and her experience allows her to articulate and open minds to the future of work.


Jenny has helped design and deliver organizational diversity strategies. The basic principle being that developing confidence in people is a strategic advantage. Jenny was asked to present on the topic at Vodafones international Women’s day.