Sangita De, Ph.D

‘The Paradox of HiTouch-HiTech’ a provocative and stimulating Guest Lecture from Jenny Brice this afternoon , that got the students thinking about some critical issues before we press the reset button, the back to business may not be business as usual and what are its implications for the future business leaders and the future of work. Master of Business students hashtag #griffithuniversity in the Future of Work course that I am teaching were benefited by this valuable discussion from Jenny.

Tracy Mellor 
Global Director, People and Culture Unispace (Past)

I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Jenny Brice as she talked to us about the future of work.She really made me reflect about how we, as leaders of companies, need to ensure that we “do the right thing” as we have the responsibility of people’s lives and livelihoods.I particularly liked her Responsibility Map and I hope that Jenny gets to influence bigger “captains of industry” as the face of the world of work changes and people are in danger of being left behind or cast aside as no longer relevant.

Julie Graham
Tandem Partners

“Jenny – thank you so very much for facilitating such an informative, thought provoking session on The Future of Work which was right on target and very topical for the team at Tandem Partners.To get people thinking about the future and how that might impact on us all was definitely worthwhile.