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How does it relate to biometric employee monitoring? Squillions of dollars are being invested in creating technologies that enable employers to monitor employees across the world. Have no doubt employee monitoring is not just the domain of China. What inspired me to investigate employee surveillance technology was listening to a panel of experts talking about…

Relationship Quiz

There was a study that was completed many years ago where researchers visited over 60,000 people who were dying across the world. They asked them what they valued the most in their lives. Not surprisingly it was their relationships. When asked what they regretted the most it was being more concerned about “other things” like cars and status rather than building and repairing relationships.

I would expect if that survey was repeated today not a lot would have changed. Though this may be evolving as a recent survey showed that more than 50% of people would prefer physical harm than losing their phone. Irrespective most people would agree positive relationships can provide much needed oxygen to our human spirits. Can you imagine life without each other?

A true story of resilience.

One of the buzz words on everyone’s lips these days is how important it is to be resilient, particularly with the expected technological changes which are anticipated to impact the workforce in various forms. Organisations are spending mega bucks on training people to be resilient. Such courses may be valuable in raising awareness however my…

What do chipmunks and coffee have in common?

I often catch public transport around cities to meet with various clients. Recently as I sat gazing out the window, I realised that there was a growing disconnect about what I was observing and the economic information that I had been gathering. The cities were vibrant. There appeared no expense on developing skyscrapers, apartment complexes,…